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QUESTION: Can you deliver your stone products?

ANSWER: Yes, we can deliver to anywhere on the UK mainland. Prices available on request

QUESTION: Do you supply the public as well as trade

ANSWER: Absolutely. Please visit our online store for just some of the home and garden products we have on offer to the public

QUESTION: Do you make bespoke items?

ANSWER: Yes, we can make almost anything out of stone. Please drop us a line to discuss any special, bespoke item you require.

QUESTION: Is limestone suitable for lintels?

ANSWER: Yes, it has been used for centuries for this application.

QUESTION: How many square meters will 1 ton of stone cover?

ANSWER: At 200mm thick it would cover roughly 2 square meters.

QUESTION: Does your stone take a polish?

ANSWER: Yes, it will take a very high polish

QUESTION: Do you supply stone as sawn six sides?

ANSWER: Yes, to any given size ( bed heights sometimes restricted).

For any further questions or information please call Anglesey Masonry on 01248 410 644 or fill in our contact form here