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Anglesey Masonry Ltd. have accumulated years of experience dealing with restoration and conservation of some of the country's most well known and prestigious historic buildings, structures, churches and monuments.

Our stonemasons are highly skilled in using traditional architectural masonry techniques along with proven advances and are able to shape and produce a large quantity of stone within our workshop. We provide all of our skills and services with precision and knowledge in the projects we undertake. Where attention to detail or historical accuracy are a requirement, our skills enable us to sympathetically restore or recreate any item with a high degree of authenticity. Additionally, we can source, cut, carve and polish a wide variety of stone types should your restoration, conservation or new build project require them. Our stonemasons work with all the main stone types including limestone, sandstone, slate and marble.

If you have a particular specialist or renovation requirement, we are confident that if it can be made in stone then we can make it for you. For some expert advice please call Anglesey Masonry on 01248 410 644 to discuss your requirements.


If you have a sandstone or limestone building with damaged stone masonry anywhere in North Wales or the North West then our stonemasons can offer a number of stone repair options. Anglesey Masonry offer numerous solutions for architectural details such as stone facades, cornice, balustrades, stone windows, lintels and porticos.

Natural stone replacement
This is the most widely recommended method for any stone repair work. Whole units of defective stone masonry are cut out and replaced with new units of natural stone that are geologically compatible.

Stone indenting
This is stone repair method is normally employed when the removal of whole blocks of stone would affect the structural stability of the building. A decayed section of stone masonry is cut out and replaced with another piece of natural stone that precisely fits the newly formed cavity.

For any stone repair or replacement enquiry please call Anglesey Masonry on 01248 410 644 or fill in our contact form here


Our renovation and restoration gallery shows such a few examples of the many stone restoration processes we are able to undertake. Please click the image below